As we flip the calendar on the new year, the Covid-19 pandemic is spiking across North America at the same time we also enter cold & flu season. Life is challenging on all fronts and nearly everybody is suffering from some form of ‘Pandemic-fatigue.’ At the same time, the need to maintain our collective focus on health and safety at our place of work has never been more important.

If your commercial or industrial facility is operational but considering ways to keep employees healthy, social distancing spaces are essential; and Starrco’s modular wall systems are the perfect solution for all of the people-space challenges you’re looking to resolve.

Because modular is scalable and relocatable, the number of social distancing solutions offered by Starrco is only limited by your imagination. For starters, here are four efficient and cost-effective solutions to immediately create social distancing spaces at your workplace:

1. Screening Booths

Creating a safe work environment starts with ensuring those who enter the building are healthy. A health screening booth is one of the most important social distancing practices you can implement at your office or facility.

These small, transportable booths are easy to install at your building entrance. Once in place, you can screen employees, clients, and visitors before they enter the building. The operator is safe behind the glass, where they can check temperatures and perform any other required health screening protocols.

A screening booth is very budget-friendly. What’s more, these small, transportable structures are easily repurposed, post-pandemic. With a coated steel base with forklift pockets, the booth can be placed anywhere on your facility for use as a parking lot booth, delivery driver check-in, or even as a facility perimeter security checkpoint.

2. Modular Workstations and Offices

Before the pandemic, open floor plan sales bullpens and administrator cubicle farms were SOP. Shared work spaces were ideal for flat organizations that didn’t provide special work spaces for team leaders and most thought these areas inspired an inclusive environment ideal for teamwork. Bullpens may have been efficient, but these shared spaces are also efficient at spreading an airborne virus.

Starrco modular workstations and professional offices offer a safe, easy-to-clean space for individual employees but they are also flexible and simple to erect. Professional modular offices provide the same look and feel you’d expect from an executive office space. The difference comes in the time it takes to construct the two options. A traditional construction solution may require a week to build and finish. A modular executive office is delivered with finished panels and will be erected in a couple of hours. Seriously.

3. Privacy Panels, Half Walls, and Partitions

If individual offices aren’t an option for your space, Starrco privacy panels, half walls, and partitions are great options to divide your open floor plan into safe – and socially distant – workspaces.

Half walls define work spaces, without affecting your facility’s existing lighting, HVAC, or fire suppression system. Partitions and privacy panels also divide shared work spaces and provide a barrier between employees that can be designed to flow with the aesthetic of your existing workspace.

Privacy panels, half walls, and partitions are all modular solutions designed and manufactured off-site; customized to your facility’s specifications. They are delivered to your facility in a couple of weeks and perfectly packaged for a quick and convenient onsite installation.

4. Isolation Rooms

If your Health & Safety Officer or Plant Manager isn’t looking for an Isolation Room yet, they will be soon. Isolation Rooms are part of the ‘new normal’ in commercial and industrial facility operations.

Isolation Rooms can be an all-new safe and comfortable space or we can help to convert an existing room into a multi-purpose room to isolate potentially contagious co-workers and prevent an outbreak in your facility.  Isolation rooms have separate HVAC as to not spread contagions throughout your facility.

Socially distant spaces are part of the new normal in all aspects of our society; but most importantly at work. No facility can afford a viral breakout that affects your entire workforce. Acting now to create simple, safe, and comfortable spaces for your team is not only the smart thing to do for your business, it’s the right thing to do for your employees and their families. Starrco modular wall systems offer a variety of customized solutions – from health screening booths, half-walls and partitions, professional offices, and even isolation rooms – that deliver the peace of mind you and your employees need to feel safe at work.

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