Imagine walking into the lobby of an office without someone to greet you or – even worse – no one that notices you. Having a reception desk inside the entry of your building – whether it’s a doctor’s office, insurance agency or hair salon – may be the key to doing better business.
A modular office reception area can serve as an information hub and a place for visitors to be greeted and guided in the right direction. While this may require hiring a part-time employee and purchasing the necessary equipment for the space, can you really put a price on a strong first impression?

Modular office construction is an effective solution for building an inexpensive reception area and – by Starrco standards for modular offices – they are designed and installed in half the time of conventional construction. Some office reception areas require a small booth and waiting area while others may occupy a large room with a circular desk and several nooks and crannies. Either way, our engineers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to customize a design that works best for your specific application. More importantly, our design, construction and installation processes will not disrupt your everyday operations.

You may have the perfect picture of how you imagine your office reception area to be, or maybe you would prefer that we paint the picture of what your modular office reception area should look like. Regardless, we have the perfect team to execute it. A careful needs assessment will help us to get a better understanding of your goals.

Modular office projects have been Starrco’s trademark since 1965 and designing reception areas has helped us to continue expanding our arsenal of products. To view a gallery of additional modular office photos and products we offer, or for more information on our services, contact us today to speak with a Starrco professional.