The Starrco Company Clean Room division is very proud to announce the recent completion of another successful turnkey cleanroom installation by our partners at Maybury Material Handling. Maybury Material Handling has been providing pre-engineered modular enclosures and material handling solutions to the greater New England area since 1976.

When the Radiall Corporation of New Haven, CT was in need of an experienced modular clean room provider, they didn’t have to search any further than their current preferred vendor list. Radiall Corporation, a global manufacturer of interconnect components and cable assemblies, presented Maybury Material Handling with the challenge of furnishing and installing an 1100 square foot ISO-7/Class 10,000 Clean Room with precise temperature, relative humidity and room pressurization control for the final assembly and packaging of sensitive electronic communication devices.


Due to the demanding nature of this modular cleanroom installation project, Maybury Material Handling leaned heavily on their partners at the Cleanroom Division of Starrco for assistance with the overall design and guideline specifications. As with many cleanroom enclosures, the layout must be both functional and flexible. The Radiall team, led primarily by Facility Manager Gary Ramadei, were well aware of the advantages of modular pre-engineered enclosures. They selected a modular approach to the Starrco cleanroom installation to allow for future changes and possible modular building expansion.

By selecting the Starrco pre-engineered modular system, the client was provided with relatively complete package direct from the factory including: the load-bearing enclosure, a sealed top plenum, high capacity fan powered HEPA filter units providing the required number of filtered room air changes, concealed return air chase cavities creating a recirculating design, pre-wired modular electrical components and factory certified installation service. With Maybury as the primary contractor, a number of local subcontractors including electrical, mechanical, fire protection, specialty flooring and communications experts were deployed to complement the build out.

Although the benchmark design specification was set at an ISO-7 or Class 10,000 level of cleanliness, Radial really wanted a clean room that would test better than that of ISO-7 standards. Upon completion and following a precision cleaning cycle, the cleanroom was properly balanced, environmental set points were established and an independent agency was contracted for clean room certification. By incorporating high output fan filter units and strategically placing low to the wall air grilles the room certified to an ISO-6 Level of cleanliness as outlined by ISO-14644.2. The owner was quite pleased to realize a cleanliness level one grade better than specified along with a magnitude reduction in particulate contamination.

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