10 Industries That Can Benefit from Modular Offices- Part 2

In our previous blog entry, we explored the first five of 10 industries that could truly benefit from our modular offices.

Before we go any further, we would like to be clear: any industry could benefit from our portable buildings. We’re simply compiling a list of the most common industries that tend to go modular.

#6 Test Labs: There are certain environments like lab testing facilities, which must never be exposed to certain outside sources. Our modular cleanrooms will not only ensure your area stays free of unwanted agents, but will provide flexibility if the structure needs to be relocated or modified down the road.

#7 Corporate Buildings: Yep, even the “suits” can benefit from our portable buildings. Many businesses and public buildings are now being zoned as “smoke-free”. At Starrco, we offer smoking shelters that can be added to any existing structure.

#8 Construction Crews: Most construction projects take months—even a year—to complete. In that time, a construction zone can turn into a small city with people, trailers and equipment. Our portable buildings serve perfectly as temporary office space for engineers and crew foremen.

#9 Computer Rooms: If you want to keep your computers in tiptop condition, it’s vital that you keep them in a controlled environment. Our modular offices are great at keeping and maintaining a consistent environment.

#10 Steel Mills: In most steel mills, you will find what they call “pulpits”. These pulpits are used mainly as a workstation for mill employees. They sit high so the workers can oversee the entire operation.

Looking for a modular office supplier? Look no further than the experts at Starrco. We offer custom designed solutions that are crafted to fit any application. If you’re considering a portable building—or any other type of modular office—give us a call today!

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