Clean Rooms: The End-All Solution to Contaminated Work Environments

When looking for a contaminant-free work environment, look no further than Starrco! With our top-of-the-line modular clean room system, Starrco can easily accommodate anything from sound or equipment enclosures to pharmaceutical applications.

With Starrco Modular Clean Rooms, Class 100 clean room conditions are easily met and obtained. Starrco provides you the most cost-effective cleanroom environment that allows you control of air flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and filtration. As modular clean room manufacturers, we build our clean rooms with only the finest material to ensure a workspace that is safe and durable. Since all material is pre-cut, mitered and completely finished, your cleanroom can be installed in no time, with minimal mess, dust and disruption to your workspace.

Along with easy installation, Starrco’s modular cleanrooms also provide ease when moving or expanding. Our pre-cut wall partitions can be reconfigured or relocated, as your company’s needs change while still maintaining strict environmental conditions.

Practical clean room applications include the following:

With Starrco, expect nothing less than the best. Visit our website today to learn more about our Modular Clean Room Systems, including information on how you can take advantage of tax depreciation.


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