Starrco Doors Never Squeak


A long time ago, Starrco realized doors matter. So, we decided to build a door guaranteed not to stick, squeak or drag.

Unique frames
Our modular construction engineers devised an exclusive door frame system. The steel door frame is designed to fit into a stud and become part of the building’s structure. This gives the frame the strength and integrity it needs to keep a door swinging smoothly every day.

Our modular door frames are infinitely more reliable than the typical door construction in the modular industry. Normally, an opening is cut into a wall panel and the door frame is just tapped into place.

Factory hung
Each Starrco door is prehung in our workshop in St. Louis. The hinge jamb, strike jamb and header are interlocked and precision-fitted to make sure the modular doors align.

Quick to install
All the contractor needs to do is insert the prehung door into the opening, check it is plumb, and then secure it in place with Tek screws. The door can never come out of adjustment.

It takes just a few minutes to fit a Starrco door. Our installers tell us installation is so easy they can install 10 doors an hour, which is one big advantage of prehung doors.

Built to last
To ensure the door can swing smoothly without squeaks and other problems usually associated with friction, Starrco uses stainless-steel ball-bearing hinges on every door.

Code compliant
Our standard lever handles comply with national building codes.

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