Why Starrco Uses Aluminum

At Starrco, we use highly durable extruded aluminum for our modular framing, so all our pre-engineered buildings are of the highest quality and have a fit and finish that will last.

To ensure we meet or exceed building codes we only use aluminum with a T6 structural temper for maximum strength.

Properties of Framing Materials

Construction Type Framing Material Properties
Starrco pre-engineered buildings Aluminum framing Resists rust and corrosion even if scratched
Most modular building manufacturers Light gauge steel framing Prone to rust and corrosion
Conventional construction Wood studs Attracts insects. Damaged by moisture


Benefits of Modular Aluminum Framing

Structural integrity
Our two-piece studs are engineered for structural strength. Each half is precision manufactured so that the parts seat together without gaps. This ensures strength and prevents twisting and deforming under stress.

Superior fit and finish
We think the quality and durability of the fit and finish matter. Using modular aluminum framing means neater, more precise joints. Adding rounded edges gives a smooth look while our long-lasting paint finish means there is no exposed metal on view.

Withstands challenging manufacturing environments
Many industrial and manufacturing environments are harsh. Starrco uses 6063-aluminum alloy for modular framing because it is highly corrosion resistant, noncombustible*, and won’t rust, even if the surface paint gets scratched.

The aluminum we use is at least 70 percent recycled. Using it reflects our commitment to the environment.

Unlike conventional construction, Starrco modular buildings can be dismantled and reassembled. This allows customers to move or reconfigure their buildings. That is good for cost management and for the environment.

Our aluminum studs stand up better than other materials when dismantled and reassembled.

* For information on the fire rating of Starrco buildings, speak to a sales consultant.

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