Waterloo Container Company Gets Compliments

It can be hard to get people excited about an office. But that is exactly what happened at the Waterloo Container Company after they installed their in-plant, two-story Starrco modular office building.

“Whenever anyone comes in, they comment on how wonderful the offices are, and ask where did we find the company,” said Rich Swinehart, chief executive officer at Waterloo Container Company.

The building provides a comfortable working environment for around 30 people, including company executives.

Lots of interior windows and doors with glass panels make the space feel bright and airy, and the high quality of the building’s wall panels keep out the noise and din of manufacturing.

The two-story office building includes:

  • Spacious executive offices
  • An open area for office cubicles
  • State-of-the-art video conference room
  • A large training suite
  • Restrooms

Based in the Finger Lakes of New York, the Waterloo Container Company is a family-owned business has been a provider of glass bottles, corks, capsules, and packaging for the wine and beer industry since 1980.

Why Waterloo Opted for Modular Construction

The company needed more space but was concerned about the cost, unavoidable disruption, dust and dirt that comes with conventional construction.

In fact, when they weighed up their options, modular construction offered a better solution.

Compared to stick building, modular was faster and better value. And because it was manufactured off site, Waterloo could avoid all the mess.

Of the various modular options they looked at, the Starrco product offered the best quality, fit and finish, and the best customer service.

“Quite honestly, Starrco seemed to be the best quality,” said Rich. “They had the best people and responded quickly to our questions.”

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