Why Should A Clean Room Be Modular?

Clean rooms are a necessary fixture in many businesses and laboratories now. Having a space where the particle count for dust and other common airborne particles can allow for more accurate results when testing and more precise manufacturing during assembly. When it comes to installing a clean room modular in a business there are two choices. Construction of cleanroom solutions can be done using traditional construction methods or created offsite using modular construction and installed later. Here are some of the benefits of choosing to construct a clean room using modular methods.

Our modular cleanrooms are pre-engineered buildings, which are manufactured in a factory off-site and then installed later at the desired location. This method of construction allows companies to save time and money. Modular construction takes less time to erect because all of the pieces are uniform and fit together precisely as designed at the factory. Modular construction is also a cheaper alternative to traditional construction methods due to the ability to mass produce the individual parts involved in the construction process.

Choosing modular construction for cleanroom solutions allows for the original layout to be expanded or altered without having to demolish and rebuild. This can be ideal for a company which envisions growth in the future but doesn’t want to commit to a large building which could be prohibitively costly. Modular construction also offers the option to move the clean room to another location without losing the initial investment committed when building it. The modular cleanroom solution can simply be disassembled at the original location and reassembled later for continued use. This can save companies large amounts of money considering the cost of traditionally constructing a modular clean room.

Building modular cleanroom solutions also offers tax advantages for the company. Businesses are able to write off modular clean rooms over the course of 7 years whereas a clean room built traditionally would need to be written off over a much longer period of time. When it comes to corporate taxation companies are looking to find ways to save money anywhere they can and modular construction is a simple way to decrease a company’s liability.

For companies looking to create a clean room modular space within a laboratory or manufacturing environment, it is prudent to consider constructing it using modular methods. Modular cleanroom solutions will not only be cheaper and more efficient, but they could also save in tax payments down the road. The benefits of using modular construction methods are clear when examining the differences.

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