Whether you need a simple 100 square-foot enclosure or you are looking for a unique building solution to house your manufacturing processes, Starrco can help. Our modular buildings and process enclosures offer extraordinary flexibility. Over the years, our team has found solutions to building requirements that seemed almost impossible.

Can you make the ceiling of our new building 20 feet high so we can put a crane in there?”

We want to be able to take out the wall so we can maintain our machinery.”

Is the building airtight? We want to contain the air and use a scrubber to filter the fumes.”

We want the cannabis grow rooms to have high humidity, but the other rooms must be dry. Can you do that?”

Do you have a way to keep carbon fibers, released by tool cutting, away from our plant’s electrical systems so we don’t blow ourselves up?”

Whenever customers need something out of the ordinary, our dealers know to turn to Starrco. Our design engineers thrive on challenges and our company takes great pride in solving the problems others won’t touch.

What process enclosures are available from Starrco?

We build hundreds of different types of process enclosures every year.

  • Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) rooms.
  • Manufacturing process enclosures for the auto parts industry.
  • Cleanroom labs for pharmaceutical and electronics manufacturers.
  • Grow rooms for cannabis cultivators.
  • Our process enclosures often include one or more of the following features:

Cleanrooms with controlled environments
Starrco’s airtight cleanroom systems are pre-engineered with precise tolerances that range from ISO Class 5 to ISO Class 8.

This makes them suitable for medical device production and packaging, compounding pharmacies, and electronic applications such as semiconductor fabrication.

Rooms can be configured to control temperature, air pressure, humidity and more.

Multi-environment grow facilities
We design cultivation facilities for the emerging cannabis market. These premises often have complex environmental needs. For example, grow rooms need to be hot and humid, but curing rooms need a dry atmosphere.

Access panels
Starrco frequently designs buildings with removable wall sections that allow you to maintain, or even replace, machinery. These panels are easy to remove and reinstall.

<blockquote>We have built removable wall sections that are 16 feet wide by 12 feet tall so equipment can be taken in and out without disturbing the rest of the structure. The beauty of Starrco is there is nothing to demolish and nothing goes into the dumpster.”

– Steve Schmidt, National Sales Manager</blockquote>

Sound control
Putting noisy machinery in a process enclosure can make the work environment more comfortable and safer for staff. Starrco panels are laboratory certified to STC 33.

Viewing and observation
For some enclosures, especially those housing robotic processes that need to be observed by staff, we offer a variety of window options including floor-to-ceiling window panels.