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Green Environment

Why Starrco Uses Aluminum

At Starrco, we use highly durable extruded aluminum for our modular framing, so all our pre-engineered buildings are of the highest quality and have a... Read More

Starrco Goes Green with Modular Construction

Not only are modular projects a faster means of design than conventional construction, they are also more environmentally friendly. Our team at Starrco is proud to be a leader in providing a green alternative to conventional construction.

Modular “green” building

As rapid climate change becomes a growing concern, there seems to be a more widespread acceptance of being more environmentally-friendly. We at Starrco modular office... Read More

Go Green, Go Modular

In today’s world of “going green,” we at Starrco feel that companies from every industry need to accept that protecting the environment should be a... Read More