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5 Benefits of a Modular Office

Modular construction is a building method that’s growing in popularity. Innovative building owners and facility managers are looking for better, faster ways to create the... Read More

Safety First with Starrco

Workplace safety is a major priority at manufacturing facilities and warehouses around the country. At Starrco, we are committed to making occupational safety management easy... Read More

The Changing Face of Modular

What’s Old is New Again While modular construction has been a smart choice for decades – Starrco has been manufacturing modular and portable buildings for... Read More

Starrco Doors Never Squeak

A long time ago, Starrco realized doors matter. So, we decided to build a door guaranteed not to stick, squeak or drag. Unique frames Our... Read More

Top 4 Modular Enclosure Myths

Every industry has its misconceptions, and the modular building and enclosure business is no exception. This month, we’d like to put some of those myths... Read More

Why Choose Modular Construction?

When looking to build a new building or partition a portion of an existing location many people wonder whether there are alternatives to traditional construction... Read More

Starrco Modular Office Systems: The Cost-Effective Space Solution

When you have changing business space requirements, a Starrco modular office system is the option you need to consider. Starrco pre-fabricated enclosures are versatile enough to be adjustable to any in-plant or exterior space demands, providing a cost-effective and quick solution to your company’s construction projects.

Electrical Systems for Modular Offices

At Starrco, we pride ourselves on providing businesses with modular units that are entirely pre-assembled and pre-engineered, but what do we actually mean by this? Unlike other companies in the industry, Starrco’s modular units are completely ready to be used upon installation. In fact, our pre-fabricated offices include innovative electrical and HVAC systems that not only are easy to install, but are also built to comply with national building code requirements.

Fire-Resistant Modular Offices

When shopping for modular units, you need to consider variables like quality and price — but how often do you think about safety? At Starrco, we strive to offer the best modular offices in the market, which means pre-engineered units that keep you satisfied while protecting your business from potentially dangerous situations.

Modular Offices that Meet National Standards

At Starrco, the leading company in the modular construction industry, we pride ourselves on being able to customize our pre-assembled units to meet our client’s needs to ensure complete satisfaction. We adapt these modular offices to structurally and physically fit single offices, multi office complexes, portable shelters, mobile offices, clean rooms, and several other types of offices.

When It Comes To Construction, Think Modular Offices

To kick off our “Modular vs. Stick-Built” series, Starrco is proud to announce that we’ve joined the group of companies featured in “21st Century Business,” an insightful, independently-produced business show that selects cutting-edge corporations from across the world to share their industry expertise.

Modular Offices Applications

Did you know modular construction has endless applications? Starrco’s pre-assembled units are versatile enough that companies can use them for virtually any type of construction... Read More

Modular Clean Rooms for Laboratories

Is your company looking to build or renovate a laboratory but cannot afford to shut down during the construction? Then one should consider a Starrco modular clean room instead of spending weeks waiting for the contractors to finish their work.

Top 7 Reasons to Invest in Modular Construction Solutions

COST EFFECTIVE: Modular construction is a cost-effective space solution that controls the escalating costs of construction. Not only is the price comparable to stick-built, but it ensures that costs do not spiral out of control during the process.

Modular Powder Coating Booths

In addition to our wide variety of modular office systems are modular powder coating booths, designed by talented Starrco engineers.

Starrco’s Very Own Online Modular Store

If you don’t have the time to give our modular office experts a phone call regarding any of our products – or if you’d rather do it all virtually – you can browse through our online modular store. This store provides all the details regarding dimensions, price and you can even provide us with some feedback on your online experience.

Modular Office Walls and Partitions

Some of Starrco’s trademarks are modular office partitions wall systems. The projects are very flexible in their configuration possibilities. Whether your need is for modular... Read More

Modular Construction and Where It All Started

Modular building construction began during the Gold Rush to facilitate construction for quick and efficient accommodations. World War II, however, is when this construction became the most popular due to an immediate need for mass accommodation for military personnel.

Safety Guard Rails

When you think of a “guard rail,” you usually picture the grey ones on both sides of a highway to keep cars from going off the road, right? Sure. However, you can also find safety guard rail systems at the perimeter of Starrco modular in-plant offices to protect the infrastructure, machinery, traffic aisles, storage areas, conveyors, mezzanines, and more. We refer to these as the Starrguard Safety Rail.