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What are Negative Pressure Rooms?

Negative pressure rooms are any room with a lower pressure than the surrounding environment. When people talk about negative pressure rooms, they’re most often talking... Read More

5 Benefits of a Modular Office

Modular construction is a building method that’s growing in popularity. Innovative building owners and facility managers are looking for better, faster ways to create the... Read More

Our Dealers are Fantastic

Material handling dealers are not just an outlet where you go for forklifts, pallet racks and conveyors. Did you know they can also be an... Read More

Safety First with Starrco

Workplace safety is a major priority at manufacturing facilities and warehouses around the country. At Starrco, we are committed to making occupational safety management easy... Read More

The Changing Face of Modular

What’s Old is New Again While modular construction has been a smart choice for decades – Starrco has been manufacturing modular and portable buildings for... Read More

Better Buildings for Your Buck

As budgets get tighter and come under increasing scrutiny, facility managers need to develop a rock-solid business case for every construction project. Showing how your... Read More

Helping Manufacturers Expand Fast

Tighter production windows, faster speed to market and the pressure to continuously develop and retool for new products means increasing pressure on manufacturing facilities. “Manufacturers... Read More

Rooftop Storage with Starrco

Parts and materials take up so much room in modern manufacturing facilities that people and processes get squeezed into cramped quarters. When you install a... Read More

New COO Joins the Starrco Team

In November, Starrco welcomed Dave Jones as its new Chief Operating Officer. Dave is responsible for strategic planning, business process improvements, expanding the company’s market... Read More

Starrco Doors Never Squeak

A long time ago, Starrco realized doors matter. So, we decided to build a door guaranteed not to stick, squeak or drag. Unique frames Our... Read More

Why Starrco Uses Aluminum

At Starrco, we use highly durable extruded aluminum for our modular framing, so all our pre-engineered buildings are of the highest quality and have a... Read More

Packed with Care for Fast Install

Packaging is rarely top-of-mind for modular enclosure buyers. But protective packaging is vital to getting the Starrco product to you without a scratch. When everything... Read More

Top 4 Modular Enclosure Myths

Every industry has its misconceptions, and the modular building and enclosure business is no exception. This month, we’d like to put some of those myths... Read More

Modular Cleanroom FAQ

Q: How versatile is a modular cleanroom? A: A Starrco Modular Cleanroom can be used for a variety of applications. Our modular cleanroom systems can... Read More

Spotlight: Meet Greg

Spotlight: Meet Greg Even over the phone, Greg’s passion for what he does comes through. Greg Lerdahl is the Starrco Regional Manager for the Ohio,... Read More

Starrco Goes Green with Modular Construction

Not only are modular projects a faster means of design than conventional construction, they are also more environmentally friendly. Our team at Starrco is proud to be a leader in providing a green alternative to conventional construction.

Top 7 Reasons to Invest in Modular Construction Solutions

COST EFFECTIVE: Modular construction is a cost-effective space solution that controls the escalating costs of construction. Not only is the price comparable to stick-built, but it ensures that costs do not spiral out of control during the process.

The Advantages of a Portable Building

Our steadfast commitment to innovation in modular office construction has helped us become the best designers and providers of portable buildings. In over 45 years, we have perfected our designs by using more economical practices and advanced technology. Our large network of factory-trained distributors – supported by our St. Louis staff – complete all of our projects with extreme precision and customization.

Modular Office Furniture

Starrco – a St. Louis based modular office systems company – thrives on taking your visions and needs and bringing them to fruition. Whether you... Read More

What Safety Means to Starrco

OSHA – the Occupational Safety & Health Administration – sets our industry’s standards and our team at Starrco takes them very seriously. Safe and ethical practices are the cornerstones to our business model.

Modular Pharmaceutical Facilities

Contaminated packaging has recently become a critical issue for pharmaceutical companies due to the potential for health hazards. We have learned that modular portable pharmaceutical packaging facilities are an effective solution in eliminating sub-micron airborne contamination.

Starrco: Get Your News Fix

The modular construction industry is constantly changing for the better. Part of our industry’s goal (and our goal at Starrco) is to continue to set high standards to meet expectations in efficiency, quality and execution. While the majority of our time is spent working closely with our clients to meet their individual needs, we spend the remainder of our time setting industry trends.

Safety Guard Rails

When you think of a “guard rail,” you usually picture the grey ones on both sides of a highway to keep cars from going off the road, right? Sure. However, you can also find safety guard rail systems at the perimeter of Starrco modular in-plant offices to protect the infrastructure, machinery, traffic aisles, storage areas, conveyors, mezzanines, and more. We refer to these as the Starrguard Safety Rail.

The Truth About Portable Offices

When it comes to construction time savings, modular offices win hands-down. What’s been noticed though by members of the industry is that some still believe... Read More