Did you know some computers, cell phones, pharmaceuticals, and cars are assembled in rooms free of environmental contaminants? Starrco manufactures pre-engineered clean room systems that can accommodate anything from sound enclosures to pharmaceutical applications.

You never have to worry about Starrco clean room installation compromising your strict standards for environmental conditions. And you won’t lose out on time or money, as modular clean room installation is much quicker than conventional construction.

Why will modular clean room solutions change your life?

You’ll breathe easier. Modular cleanrooms keep out environmental contaminants, so you can breathe easy knowing your needs, like strict environmental conditions, will be met. The contaminant-free air doesn’t hurt either.

You can change your mind. The clean room wall partitions are flexible. You can easily expand, reconfigure or relocate your modular clean room if your needs change. Because the modular wall systems can be completely dismantled and relocated, you’ll be able to depreciate your modular clean room system in seven years, versus the 39 required for conventional construction.

Clean room construction solutions are clean and quick. We understand maintaining an environmental standard is important to our customers. All materials for clean room solutions are pre-cut, mitered and completely finished, so your installation is completed quickly and with minimal dust.

You’re in control. The interfacing walls, floors, ceilings and mechanical components allow control of air flow, pressure, temperature, humidity, and filtration. No matter what your modular clean room needs are, you’ll be able to create the environment you need.

They’re versatile. Starrco modular cleanrooms can be used for laboratories, animal housing labs, oil mist enclosures, and many other manufacturing needs. Starrco offers steel, aluminum, FRP, vinyl-covered gypsum, and hardboard wall finishes, so you’re sure to get what you need.

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