Understanding the materials that go into a modular project is one thing, but comprehending the entire construction process is another idea all together. In our last post, “The Building Blocks of Modular Offices”, we provided you with an in-depth look at our materials used to construct our modular buildings. Here, Starrco will walk you through the steps of modular office construction, from initial idea to finished product.

Order Submission

Once the idea has been conceived that you’ll be implementing a modular building, the order submission is your first step. Although the concept of submitting an order may seem simple, it’s crucial to understand that this is the stage in which we at Starrco become in-tune with your vision. This means you should be as precise as possible with your building specifications. Remember, the more exact you are with your modular building order, the more accurate we are during the remainder of the construction process.


One of the well-known advantages of modular commercial construction is that your project is designed and manufactured off-site. From the wall panels to the windows, the individual parts of your modular building are designed to your exact specifications and manufactured in a climate-controlled environment. As an additional value, Starrco manufactures all of your materials pre-cut, mitered and completely finished. This allows you to avoid any taping, sanding or painting when it comes time for installation.


After the design and manufacturing of your materials, Starrco arranges for shipment and installation of your modular building. When the shipment arrives, the customer will notice that all of the materials are organized in a way that will make the modular building installation much simpler.

As is well documented in the modular arena, a modular building is constructed in 25 percent of the time of conventional construction. This time savings is especially noticeable during installation.  The modular building installation process is quick and easy… typically completed in just a few days for an average size project.

So no matter how complex the modular commercial construction is, the aforementioned steps are what you can expect from Starrco for your future modular projects. Looking forward, what will be the vision for your next modular building?