When your business has a need for a ticket booth or a guard house, the best solution is an exterior modular room or modular office buildings. The principal benefit that a Starrco modular room provides is the convenience of simply installing the pre-assembled structure where needed, instead of allocating time and money for construction.

Starrco offers a wide range of modular office systems that are fully equipped and can be adjusted to your requirements. Some of the features these modular rooms include:

  • Windows
  • Functional electrical systems
  • Anodized aluminum/steel construction
  • Optional climate control systems
  • Optional counters

These exterior modular office systems can also be aesthetically enhanced to fit the company or the building’s design.

Additionally, these modular booth systems and portable rooms are extremely safe, having constructed walls, ceilings and floors that feature an impact resistant core. Each piece features either a durable aluminum or vinyl finish that helps provide further protection.

By deciding to install a Starrco modular office system, it means deciding to go green. We seek to use environmentally friendly materials and processes when manufacturing these portable units with an eye on protecting the environment.

When analyzing and evaluating the best options for a ticket booth or a guard house, look no further: contact Starrco! Our commitment to innovation and quality will ensure your satisfaction.

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