Just like you would attune to hazards in a typical office setting, it is equally as important to be cautious of harmful equipment in a modular office. Equipped with lighting, wiring and other electrical components, modular offices are susceptible to accidents that can cause disaster to your construction.While it is nearly impossible to predict the onset of a fire, you can certainly implement preventative practices to keep your modular office system spark-free. At Starrco, we advise the following steps to ensure fire safety:

Be mindful of your surroundings. Check phone, computer and other equipment wires to make sure nothing overheats. In addition, avoid the use of candles and keep a close eye on your kitchenware. Inadvertently leaving a coffee pot or the oven/stove on is grounds for sparking a fire.

Develop an evacuation plan. On a daily basis, 15 employees – or maybe 50 – may occupy your modular office. Regardless of the number of personnel, are they aware of the exit spots and where the fire extinguishers are located? Once you have identified an exit route, practice an emergency evacuation plan at least twice annually.

Know who is on your team. No matter how many employees work in your modular office each day, make sure you are aware of how many people there are and where all of their desks are located. This will help facilitate the “attendance” process once your team reaches a safe area.

Make sure all exits are open. In modular offices – where space can sometimes be limited – it may be tempting to block an exit with a nice love-seat to add a touch of comfort to the room. Blocking exit ways can be incredibly harmful and potentially trap you in the event of a fire.

Know what to do if you are trapped inside. It is common to have a false sense of security, but never rule out the possibility of being trapped inside a modular office going up in flames. Should there be smoke build-up but no flames in sight, be sure to immediately seal all cracks – using shirts, jackets or towels – to prevent smoke from entering.

Remain calm. Although experiencing a fire can potentially be the most damaging moment in a person’s life, it is important to stay calm so you can make rational decisions. Should you be with your colleagues during the time of a fire, rationally work together to determine how to proceed.

At Starrco, we pre-engineer all modular offices as safe as possible to protect you and your employees from harm. No office is accident or disaster proof, but we can help you to prevent a fire that could wreak havoc on your everyday operations. For more information on our modular office systems, continue to follow our blog or feel free to reach us directly.