When it comes to Starrco’s modular office systems and portable buildings, there are several options for controlling the climate in your workspace. Some of these options include: pre-charged modular central HVAC and thru-wall air conditioners and combination A/C-heat units.


Our pre-engineered, exclusive design allows for a complete self-contained central air conditioning and heating system for offices larger than 800 square feet. The installation can be handled by anyone, making this system unique to its kind. We have designed it so someone with absolutely no HVAC experience can install it quickly and accurately.

In conjunction with the design comes a pre-charged air handler (freon is already added), modular ductwork, ceiling diffusers, air return grilles, flexible ductwork and an electronic thermostat. We also provide the duct tape, staple gun, staples and duct cutter to make installation simple and hassle-free. A complete set of installation instructions and step-by-step detailed drawings are supplied with all of our systems. Still need help with the installation? Give us a call at 800.325.4259!


For those smaller projects – like in-plant offices and pre-assembled exterior buildings – we offer General Electric brand air conditioners and air conditioner/heater combination units.
These commercial grade units feature an adjustable thermostat, separate evaporating fan system (to reduce condensation), a washable air filter and energy saver controls.

Starrco supplies commercial grade fan-forced heaters that can be mounted on the wall. The heaters are low profile (less than four inches deep) and have an adjustable thermostat. We also provide baseboard heaters for those customers who prefer a radiant heating system.
Regarding ventilation, we offer the Broan brand for ceiling mounted exhaust fans in a variety of sizes to handle any application.

For more details on our products, services and HVAC systems in Starrco modular office systems, contact us today to get started.