Do you have a warehouse or a factory? Are your manufacturing and administrative departments on the same level? If so, it would be a good idea to decongest your main floor by using the free space above with a warehouse mezzanine office. Starrco’s in-plant offices, which are based on modular offices, can turn that wasted space into a convenient and functional pre-engineered mezzanine. Features of our warehouse mezzanine offices include:

  • Solid structure capable of resisting manufacturing environments
  • Independent steel columns to increase flexibility
  • Available sound control and thermal protection
  • Pre-fabricated and pre-engineered to reduce installation time
  • Wide range of colors and capabilities

Given the fact that you can use these pre-assembled modular units for multiple purposes, turning the empty or unused space into a safe office or storage space can be done with ease. Modular mezzanines are an excellent way to get more out of any facility without incurring the usual costs associated with expansion or renovation.

Starrco’s in-plant office solutions represent the smartest way to utilize your warehouse or factory’s full capacity. Some of the advantages that modular mezzanine offices deliver are:

  • Flexibility: the office mezzanine units can be located anywhere on your floor.
  • Safety: places key departments on a different level securely.
  • Efficiency: turns wasted space into a second level.
  • Productivity: can supervise operations from above.

If you need an in-plant mezzanine office, especially a two-story one, a Starrco warehouse mezzanine office is your best choice. Visit our website to discover all the benefits that pre-fabricated mezzanine floor construction can offer your company. Contact the modular clean room experts at Starrco today!