In our constant pursuit to provide better solutions to our clients, we at Starrco have decided to include a new line to our modular construction products – STARRMAX Tall Walls!

Wonder where you can have our STARRMAXX system applied in your current space? Simple: you can use our STARRMAXX Tall Walls whenever and wherever you need to create space in your manufacturing facility or warehouse and you need the walls to run as high as floor-to-ceiling. Think of creating equipment enclosures, operational areas or environmental control sections – the applications are endless!

STARRMAXX Tall Walls are available in heights up to 30 feet tall and, the best part? If your space needs change, these modular tall walls can be reassembled and modified – something that can’t be done with traditional wall systems.

As always, you can count on tall walls having all the benefits that Starrco modular office systems offer: quick construction, easy installation, flexibility to be relocated and complete customization depending on your demands, can all be found with a Starrco modular building solution.

Because the components required to build these modular tall walls have been entirely prefabricated, STARRMAXX Tall Walls are the perfect solution to create space in your manufacturing facility without the hassle of getting into a time-consuming conventional construction project.

For more information on our STARRMAX Tall Walls, contact us!