As your office grows and business expands, you’ll usually outgrow your current facility. Expansion can be very costly, forcing you to suspend operations for weeks to even months. Modular buildings provide practical expansions for in-plant offices, break rooms, cleanrooms, guard shacks and many more. Modular offices can be added on to an already existing structure for a fraction of the cost of conventional construction.

Having modular office space constructed is both cost-effective and time efficient. Often during a traditional construction project there are many additional costs accrued due to inclement weather and extended construction, which adversely affects budgets.  Also, more often than not, by the end of construction, a large amount of unused building material ends up in the dumpster. Modular construction provides off-site indoor construction eliminating unforeseen delays, costs and large amounts of material waste.

As mentioned earlier, the indoor assembly eradicates many unnecessary increases in time and budget due to the elimination of unexpected weather conditions and unplanned jumps in material costs. When a project is completed on- time, it alleviates unnecessary expenses that are often associated with more traditional forms of construction. Off-site construction is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of every facility. Because the construction process is completed within a factory, it allows manufactures to continue running full force while the expansion is designed off-site, saving them time and money.

Your modular building will arrive and be installed in a timely manner. Additional on-site construction is carefully planned out before the delivery of your completed modular office. Also, most cities and municipalities have their own building codes, so it is crucial that these are taken into account before construction begins.

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