Do you operate a scientific laboratory, Nano technology, or a company in pharmaceuticals or aerospace? It’s possible that a modular cleanroom is on your list of “to-dos” this year. At Starrco, we provide the most cost-effective solutions for the clean environment that fits your application.Starrco modular cleanrooms are customized and pre-engineered for a wide range of accommodations, such as sound or equipment enclosure for pharmaceutical applications. With interfacing cleanroom ceilings, walls, floors and mechanical components, the environments we build stay contaminant-free and effectively control airflow, room temperature, humidity and filtration. Since we are known for our high quality production and quick installation, we are confident that our pre-cut, mitered and finished products will do the job with minimal mess and disruption to your everyday operations.

Our portable buildings and modular office systems are very flexible in nature and so are our modular cleanrooms. They can be completely taken apart, relocated and reinstalled just the way you want it, but in a different place. Therefore, our modular construction provides tax advantages since it is not conventional construction that has a depreciation rate of 39 years (modular office construction depreciates in seven years).

Each and every one of our modular cleanroom projects starts with a careful needs assessment to evaluate your project goals and to draw out our process. All components to cleanrooms are designed with precise standards and measurements that are complete with a set of CAD drawings for on-site installation.

From beginning to end, Starrco has the client’s needs and wants in mind. For more information on our modular cleanroom solutions or the business standards we model, contact us today. We would love to hear from you!