Modular building construction began during the Gold Rush to facilitate construction for quick and efficient accommodations. World War II, however, is when modular building construction became the most popular due to an immediate need for mass accommodation for military personnel.

With these prefabricated buildings, the components were manufactured off-site and later on shipped to the intended site where all components and modules were assembled together. Modular buildings were made up of materials such as aluminum, steel, concrete and wood to guarantee durable and secure construction. Modular offices and building construction has been found especially useful in areas that are more prone to disasters, such as earthquakes, cyclones, snowfall and severe rainstorms.

The principles of modular building construction stay true today in material type and with regards to quick and efficient assembly. Starrco – a modular office and modular solutions company in St. Louis, MO – operates by being efficient and meeting industry standards. Our modular office systems can include – but are not limited to – breakrooms, CMM rooms, conference and computer rooms, cafeterias, shipping and receiving offices, sound, paint and dust enclosures along with two-story in plant offices and machine enclosures. We always appreciate a challenge; if you have a unique modular office project need, contact us today to get started!