As experts in the modular office construction industry, it really makes us happy when we see a major American company jump on the modular bandwagon.  Last week, General Motors announced they will construct a $130 million dollar modular building that will house a data center at its Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. The new project is expected to create 25 new jobs.

Because the new facility is being constructed with modular components, it should reduce operating costs and energy use by 40 percent.  Additionally, the modular design will allow for easy and mess-free expansion.

The announcement is part of the $2 billion in U.S. investment that GM recently announced for 17 facilities in eight states. This is on top of the $3.4 billion invested and 9,000 jobs created or retained in the United States since mid-2009.

Design of the IT Operations and Command Center is under way, with the final phase of construction scheduled for completion in 2015. We hope that the attention this project is getting will encourage others to consider modular buildings.

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