At Starrco, we provide cost efficient space solutions—regardless the size of the facility. When businesses grow and the need for additional space increases, our modular offices can fulfill all of your needs. 

We offer two different modular office stud systems: the SS3500 and the SS000.  Deciding which stud system best fists your requirements will depend upon on the application of your space. Every application is different and the portable office will have to be designed and constructed to precisely fit your desired needs.

Made of structural-grade extruded aluminum, the SS3500 stud system acts as a structural column on spaces with long clear spans on two story structures or for load bearing roofs. The stud system will accommodate steel tube inserts for additional load bearing capabilities. Just because our structures consist of modular material does not mean they are weak in nature. In fact, our modular offices are more structurally sound than a conventional building.

The uniquely designed SS3000 is a two-piece stud system that allows both sides to be equipped with electrical components and communication enclosures. The design of both studs allows for removal and replacement of a wall panel without disturbing adjacent panels. Also, the modular pieces allow the portable building to be expanded or reconfigured as your business evolves and grows.

Looking for a solution to your space concerns? Look no further than a modular office from Starrco. A representative is standing by to answer all of your portable office related questions. Give us a call today!