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Coordinate Measuring Machine Rooms

Coordinate Measuring Machine Rooms

Modular buildings can have a variety of purposes but they are an ideal use for Coordinate Measuring Machine rooms (CMM rooms.)

Similar to a modular clean room, CMM rooms are modular enclosures that usually require exact temperature stability since control of the expansion and contraction of both the CMM and part are necessary during measurement (precision that at times requires inspection measurements held to .002 of an inch.) Often these coordinate measuring machine rooms are located in an area of extreme temperatures, such as casting molds for molten metal. Together with HVAC, filtration, and thermal equipment, Starrco’s interfacing walls, floors, ceilings and mechanical components within its modular wall system will provide a contaminant-free environment, effectively allowing custom CMM quality control of temperature and humidity. Besides being a portable shelter, a custom modular CMM room protects from unauthorized access, contamination, or damage from material handling nearby.

Another primary reason customers use a modular enclosure for their CMM room is to demonstrate quality assurance standards to visitors and customers as a major investment in CMM quality control. And since our custom modular cleanroom systems are relocatable buildings, it allows the flexibility to easily and conveniently expand, reconfigure, or relocate as your needs change. All studs in Starrco Clean Rooms accommodate quick and easy vertical installation of electrical, data transmission and communication lines in raceways accessible from a removable cover plate.

There are numerous options to choose from depending on the environmental level of protection your processes need. Thanks to Starrco’s custom modular system of construction, you can have a commercial CMM modular enclosure installed within your existing factory at a fraction of the cost of conventional construction. Each modular enclosure project begins with a careful needs assessment. The clean room is then designed and engineered to specifically fit your application. All of our components are manufactured to our precise standards, labeled and delivered with a complete set of CAD drawings to make on-site installation quick and convenient. Our quality packaging minimizes shipping damage and the resulting delays. From initial design to finished installation, Starrco can ensure that your modular enclosure project runs smoothly. Learn more about our modular electrical systems here.