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Modular Office Construction FAQs

What if I want to expand or move my existing Starrco modular office?

Starrco’s modular design encompasses interchangeable components that allow for maximum flexibility. Modular office construction systems can be dismantled, reconfigured and completely reassembled or moved.

What is the square foot cost of a Starrco modular office?

The cost of your modular office construction project will vary depending on ceiling height, interior walls, and number of doors, windows and other options. However, Starrco office systems will normally range between $20.00 and $40.00 per square foot.

How long does it take to install a Starrco modular office system?

Installation is quick, clean and easy. Typically, your modular office will be completely functional in one-fourth the time of permanent construction. You drastically reduce your down time with no mess, dust, or debris. Often, your Starrco office can be installed over the weekend, ready for work Monday morning in a clean, quiet, comfortable environment.

Does installation require skilled labor?

No. Each project includes a set of CAD generated drawings and installation instructions. Each component is individually labeled for easy identification. All material is pre-cut, mitered and completely finished with no taping, sanding or painting required. Also, Starrco modular office systems have built-in raceways for easy installation of electrical, phone, and computer wiring.

What are the sound and thermal ratings of your system?

Depending on the type of panel you select, Starrco offices have an STC rating up to 33 with a thermal rating up to R13.

What are the tax advantages of Starrco modular offices?

Starrco modular offices can be completely dismantled, relocated and reassembled. This mobility allows Starrco offices to be classified as “tangible property” and depreciated over 7 years. Conventional construction, on the other hand, becomes a permanent addition to the building and is classified as “real property” with a 39 year depreciable life. This difference in depreciation significantly reduces your total project cost and puts real dollars in your pocket.

Does Starrco offer panel, color and equipment options?

Starrco offers a wide variety of options that allow you to select the combination of finishes, colors and materials that best suit your needs. Starrco also offers many other options such as:

Are there building size restrictions?

A solution may be as small as a 8′ x 8′ modular office. Larger more complex structures are even available in multi-story configurations.

Will I need an architect?

Modular construction costs depend on the size of the project, most modular offices can be done witout have an architect, Starco produces drawings that are sufficient enough for the local permitting process if needed. If you have larger project, we have professionals in your area that are familiar with the modular building process that can help you.

Is the cost of transporting the buildings expensive?

An estimate of transportation costs are included in the initial quote of your project and are fairly inexpensive and always out weight the liabilities of having materials left on-site and exposed to enviromental elements, theft or even vandalism. Even on traditional built projects a crew would normally need to be paid to have materials delivered or picked up from an off-site location.

How long is the construction process?

Typically the modular construction process is about 30% shorter that normal construction given the size of the project. For a modular office that is customized to your needs, it could take an estimated range of 30 days. This is a perfect time for most construction teams to prep the site.