The 21st Century Office: An office that is environmentally friendly and makes complete use of all available space.

Does your office feel crammed? Is it difficult to find a quiet place to go and have a meeting? There have always been efforts at making the workplace a happier and productive environment, but sometime the simplest changes can have the biggest impact.  At Starrco, we offer modular office partitions and modular wall system solutions that are flexible in their configuration possibilities, thus creating a more productive work atmosphere.

Modular office partitions are a vital component to any new modular building or office. Whether you need modular office partitions to fit into your existing space or a complete portable office partitions solution, we can create the perfect modular wall system to meet all your needs. Our modular office partitions are available in a variety of colors and finishes.  All material is pre-cut, mitered and completely finished: no taping, sanding or painting is required. Our wide variety of materials finishes and colors allow owners, architects and contractors the freedom to create offices from administrative office suites to in plant offices.

All of your modular office partitions components are manufactured to precise standards labeled and delivered with a complete set of building plans to ensure installation is completed in a timely manner. The offsite designing and construction not only allows for a quick instillation, but it eliminates any interference with office or manufacturing operations.

Starrco offers one of two modular wall systems:

Starrguard 3000 Wall System & Starrguard 3500 Wall System: Click on either link to see the detailed specs of each system.

If your company is considering modular office partitions—even a new modular office—remember all the benefits: The ease in saving natural resources, the time you save in uninterrupted business and the reduction in manpower all contribute to a healthier bottom line.  Contact us about Starrco Modular Wall Systems to find out what these savings mean for you.