If you frequent our blog, we hope that we have persuaded you to jump on the modular office bandwagon. If you’re still on the fence, we have three words for you—multi-story portable offices! Yes, you read that right: Starrco offers multi-story modular office solutions! So please erase those old stereotypical images of a modular office from your memory banks. This is the dawn of a new era!

Often, multi-story portable buildings are used in a variety of ways, including administrative offices, personal offices and conference rooms. Our multi-story buildings incorporate modular pieces that allow for a quick and mess free installation.

If you’re contemplating a new office design, our modular office systems can be your solution. Offices can be developed to your precise specification, with a layout to best fit your needs. Starrco’s pre-engineered modular offices are available in an extensive variety, from small a modular to multi-story buildings—we have it all!

Multi-story systems are an ideal choice within plant and warehouse environments primarily because they utilize wasted air space and provide consolidation. What else makes them great? Modular offices can adapt to growing and changing company needs and can easily be relocated or expanded as needs change.

Starrco, a leading supplier of modular offices, clean rooms, safety guard rails and inplant offices, is committed to providing custom-designed solutions! So if you’re considering a portable office—or another type of modular office system—call us today!