A pre-engineered and customized modular office system may be what you need. But what you want is the Starrco advantage.

We define the Starrco advantage as receiving convenient and effective solutions via uncompromised customer service for any and all of your modular office needs.


The assessment. Each and every project ispowered by a special assessment to help our professionals at Starrco identify the specific needs of your unique applications.

  • Tax advantages. Compared to traditional construction, modular office systems yield significant cost savings, especially within your tax structure.
  • Flexibility. Reconfiguring, expanding or even relocating your modular office is made particularly easy with our modular systems. Businesses both grow and change everyday and Starrco understands how to help others adjust in times of need.
  • Raceways and aluminum track. Raceways (to protect and conceal high-performance wiring) are always built into your modular office system. Aluminum track and posts are guaranteed to be durable without risk of rust or corrosion.
  • Materials. Materials across all systems are always precut, mitered and fully finished. Two-piece wall stud designs allow for the ability to replace or even remove panels.
  • Drawings and plans. Intricate CAD drawings, which include detailed labels of components and processes, speed up the construction process bringing you closer to a complete modular office system.
  • Installation. The installation process is designed to work for convenience, not against it. There is no mess involved and no disruption to your business. We have had over 40 years to perfect our installation process so it is as smooth and effective as possible.
  • Time is money. We understand better than anyone that time is money, which is why we work exceptionally hard to make sure your modular office system is completed on time and within budget.

Whether you are in need of a single-office or a two-story multiple office complex, you will always receive the Starrco advantage. Since 1965, our commitment and mission have always been the same providing uncompromised customer service with your pre-engineered modular office system. We look forward to sharing our experience and expertise with you. For any questions, comments or to start the process of building your next modular office system, contact us today!