Modular Office Systems: “pre-engineered alternative to traditional “stick-built” construction that allows you to add additional space and/or rooms within an existing facility.”

At Starrco, we understand the array of benefits a modular office brings to your business. Whether you’re looking for a temporary fix to a space issue or a permanent solution to fit a long-term need, Starrco has the answer to your problem.

After laying the initial groundwork, we will be able to determine the best solution for your particular needs.  Extra planning at the beginning of the process allows for the most efficient use and execution of your modular office plans.

Need to rehab your current building?  Relocating your offices altogether?  A modular office is an excellent temporary or permanent solution that allows for minimal disruption to your business needs.  Because we pre-fabricate solutions based on your individual needs, you can quickly utilize your new offices, leaving your existing location open for repairs, updates or expansion.

But what if your need is long-term, you ask? Our modular offices employ years of maintenance-free service with our prefabricated structures and portable offices. The structural components are either anodized aluminum or steel with a rust retardant finish. Walls, ceiling and floor have a solid impact resistant core with a durable aluminum or vinyl covered finish. Windows and sliding doors are of an aluminum finish, while swing doors are constructed with commercial-grade steel. We bet you are already thinking how a modular office can benefit you!

Starrco, a leading supplier of modular offices systems, clean rooms, safety guard rails and inplant offices, is committed to providing custom-designed solutions! So if you’re considering a portable office—or another type of modular building—call us today!