In-Plant Offices

in-plant office

Starrco modular in-plant offices provide the clean, quiet, and comfortable space your employees need, right at the assembly line. Our modular in-plant offices are custom-designed to suit your facility, ship quickly, and are installed in just days, eliminating the chaos of traditional construction. Improve productivity, safety, and security with a durable, precision-engineered, Starrco modular office building.

What is an In-Plant Office?

An in-plant office is an office built within an industrial warehouse or factory. In-plant offices are designed to provide a clean and quiet workspace for plant personnel who need to complete paperwork, make phone calls, and even take lunch breaks. In-plant offices may also function as an observation area where engineers and other employees can supervise along the production line.

Modular in-plant offices are an ideal solution for any industrial manufacturer, factory, or warehouse looking to provide interior office space, but who may be concerned about taking up valuable production space. A flexible, scalable, and structurally sound solution, modular in-plant offices are built to suit your facility and your specifications, helping you maximize space in your facility while delivering the solutions your team needs to get work done efficiently.

Common applications for in-plant offices:

  • Supervisory area for security and inspection of overall operations
  • Sound controlled and thermally protected space for sensitive machinery
  • Office space for paperwork, phone calls, conference room, etc.
  • Break rooms just off the production line.
In Plant Offices

Benefits of Choosing a Modular In-Plant Office

Starrco modular in-plant offices provide a range of benefits to any industrial application, from busy warehouses to efficient manufacturing facilities. Just a few of the benefits of choosing  a modular in-plant office include:

Modular In-Plant Offices Provide The Space You Need, Where You Need It

Many manufacturers realize that it is impractical and often inefficient to move administrative offices off-site. You want to increase productivity and communication, and that means keeping engineers and operations employees close to the shop floor. The concern is providing workspace for those employees, without losing valuable square footage on the shop or warehouse floor.

In-plant modular offices solve those concerns, delivering a flexible, scalable office space, wherever it best suits your building. Starrco in-plant offices can be designed in one or two-story configurations, maximizing space by building up, rather than taking up more space on the production floor. With a flexible design uniquely suited to your facility, you can bring communication back to the production area.

Faster, Easier Construction

Starrco modular in-plant offices arrive on-site dimensioned and prefabricated according to your precise specifications. Base and top frames are pre-mitered, panels are pre-fabricated, windows are pre-glazed, and structural components come ready to install. All of this means that when your modular in-plant office arrives at your facility, it’s ready to install in just days. No on-site cutting, no mess, and no confusion. Exactly the components you need for exactly the in-plant office you wanted.

Rooftop Storage with Starrco

Modular Construction Provides Flexibility and Scalability

Modular construction is inherently scalable. Should you need to expand, renovate, or relocate your in-plant office down the road, Starrco modular components guarantee an easy move. Universal panels and components mean you can easily reconfigure or resize, no matter what your facility needs down the road.

Durable, High-Quality In-Plant Office Construction

Starrco modular in-plant office components are made from the highest quality components, and are precision engineered to meet your exact specifications. Our in-plant offices can be designed for storage loading of up to 125 psf, and are built to offer the very best in safety, sound control, and cost-savings for the future. Starrco’s high-quality construction provides years of maintenance-free service, no matter the size, shape, or application of your in-plant modular office.


Starrco In-Plant Office Features and Specifications

Starrco strives to deliver the very best in modular in-plant office design, construction, and installation. We use high-quality components to construct in-plant offices that are meticulously engineered to meet your exact specifications. Here are just a few of the top-quality features you can expect from a Starrco in-plant office:

Fast Delivery, Simple Installation

Our facilities exclusively manufacture modular components for projects just like your in-plant office. This focus and dedication allows us to deliver all of the components for your in-plant office in just weeks. At our facility, your in-plant office is built, mitered, and assembled to your specifications. Then, every part is carefully labeled before it is packed and shipped directly to you.

When your in-plant office arrives at your facility, you have everything you need to complete your install in just days. This process of modular construction avoids the mess, disruption, and downtime commonly associated with traditional building projects, and gets your team moved in and using your brand new in-plant office in no time at all.

Years of Maintenance-Free Service

Starrco’s pre-assembled modular in-plant offices are built to provide years of maintenance-free service. We build with high-quality components, and we manufacture and assemble every one of those components in a controlled environment to ensure that once your in-plant office is installed, you don’t have to think about it for years to come. Quality powder-coated and rust-retardant finishes ensure that your modular office looks as good as it performs, too.

Starrco’s Built-to-Code Commitment

Starrco modular in-plant offices are designed to comply with structural requirements of the International Building Code. Our Built-To-Code Commitment means that no matter what zone requirements affect your facility or location, we’ll work to ensure that your new in-plant office is built for peak structural performance.

Starrco Modular In-Plant Office Specifications

Starrco’s modular in-plant offices are built to your specifications. Whether you’re looking for a complete corporate office or a small observational tower, our products are constructed from high-quality components and carefully engineered to meet your requirements. Product specifications and options include:

  • Aluminum powder-coated structural members
  • Solid impact-resistant core
  • Standard, durable vinyl-covered wall finish. Options include:
    • FRP
    • HDPE
    • Aluminum
    • Steel
  • Windows in aluminum powder-coated finish
  • Swing doors available in commercial-grade steel
  • ADA compliant hardware and window placement
  • Option for safety guard rail system

Starrco Modular In-Plant Offices

Starrco modular in-plant offices are designed and built for your application, and with cost and convenience in mind. Our modular offices ship quickly, and install even faster, helping you get exactly the space you need when you need it. If you have more questions about our in-plant offices or are interested in an in-plant office for your facility, contact us today for a fast, free quote.