Back in 2009, Starrco Dealer Matrix Material Handling received a lead for a project for a company in Grove, Oklahoma called Precision Machine & Manufacturing.

The custom Starrco modular structure that was designed was complete with four modular offices, an inspection room, a debut room, and a tumble room.  What made this modular building project significant was the significant obstacles that were overcome by using Starrco products.

The facility in which the modular office was to be installed had a variable roof pitch.  Starrco was able to design the offices with multiple ceiling nights to blend in with the roofline for a clean “eye pleasing” experience.  The debur room required special lighting requirements for the meticulously detailed work that was going to be done there.  Heavy duty roll-up doors were necessary, and steel reinforced door frames were added for additional support in the modular office.

Precision Machine & Manufacturing chose Starrco to complete this modular office project due to the ability to handle the previously listed hurdles.  The potential accelerated depreciation of conventional construction vs. modular offices, quick installation time, and clean appearance of the modular wall systems were are key factors in the customer’s choice of Starrco’s products.