With more than 50 years in modular construction, we strive to stay ahead of the market by knowing and meeting our customers’ specific needs.

At this time of year, we put our heads together at Starrco to identify emerging industry trends for the year ahead.

2018 Cleanroom TrendsWhat the Market Wants in 2018…

Speed is Still a Top Priority

It may not be a new trend, but construction speed continues to be a top concern. Our customers say construction time means lost production time, and that can cause lost orders or even a diminished market share.

Starrco pre-engineered buildings protect uptime by saving customers 75 percent of the time it takes to build with conventional construction.

With modular, customers can save months off a construction project and avoid the mess and disruption associated with conventional construction.

Growing Demand for Wide Spans

Starrco engineers report a sharp increase in the demand for open spaces.

By using bar joists and taller walls, Starrco can offer up to 50-feet of obstruction-free space that is ideal for equipment rooms that house large or complex manufacturing processes.

We are working with a spice packager that has a long, narrow, and winding manufacturing workflow. The company needed a wide-open space that was free of columns and other obstructions for its machinery,”
~ Steve Schmidt, National Sales Manager

Equipment Rooms Are Getting Bigger

Heavy industries that need large-scale equipment enclosures to accommodate sizable products, such as aircraft parts and cumbersome automation equipment, see the speed of construction and flexibility offered by pre-engineered buildings as an essential benefit.

Orders for projects that are 32,000 square feet or more are becoming increasingly common.

Strategic Planning Means Building in Phases

During the planning phase of a construction project, there is often a tension between building only the space that’s needed now or building something larger to accommodate future needs.

A Starrco structure allows customers to fit their building for phased expansion. We can construct a single-story building with load-bearing walls so that a second floor can be added quickly and cost-effectively when it is needed without any demolition.

In the meantime, a safety rail can be installed on the roof of the first floor to turn it into a load-bearing mezzanine level which can be used to store materials, products, or parts.

Cleanroom Technology Has New Applications

The demand for environmental control is intensifying as manufacturing processes become more complex and sensitive.

In many cases, a low-level cleanroom-style building is sufficient. Starrco, with its long history as a manufacturer of cleanrooms, can build spaces to meet a wide range of environmental requirements.

Soaring Demand by Cultivators for Grow Rooms

Marijuana cultivation, especially products for medical use, requires a highly-controlled indoor environment.

Starrco has been manufacturing cleanrooms for decades for the pharmaceutical, electronics and agricultural industries. We have the experience and fabrication practices in place to build tight buildings that facilitate environmental control.

For information about our grow rooms, visit StarrcoGrowrooms.com