Is your office or warehouse rapidly growing, but the building isn’t keeping pace? There’s one place where you’ll most certainly notice the congestion: your lunchroom. A midday break is time for your employees to unwind, relax and de-stress for an hour. But does your business have the right space?

With our preassembled booths, your business can have a modular lunchroom installed and be ready for use in half the time of traditional construction. Another added benefit? If your business continues its growth spurt, another space can easily be added on with our modular solutions.

Why is a designated lunchroom space so important for your business? For one, allowing employees to eat at their desk or workplace can make a bad impression. If one of your clients makes a visit to the office, what will they think of an employee eating a sandwich in the warehouse? Plus, having a designated lunchroom can ensure that trash and unnecessary debris from lunch doesn’t make its way into your work area.

Most importantly, a modular lunchroom gives your employees a space to regroup from a morning at work. A rested and happy employee is a productive one! Give your employees the space they need with a Starrco Preassembled Booth. Whether it’s a lunchroom, break room, clean room or any other modular solution you need, Starrco can provide it!