Many of you know a lot about our modular offices and how they can benefit virtually any business, but do you know about our portable enclosures? Our portable buildings—or portable enclosures—can provide an environmentally controlled area free of noise, extreme temperatures and airborne debris. The great thing about these enclosures is their portability. When you work in an industrial plant or a distribution center, things are constantly moving and changing. The modular components allow for a quick and easy break down, ensuring that your valuable business time isn’t wasted.

With our custom options, you can include acoustic barriers to help reduce noise pollution and make the work environment more tolerable.  These enclosures also provide shelter for sensitive equipment such as smoke and dust while offering workers an area to work and function.

It’s our goal to not only create a better working environment, but a more efficient workplace. When your employees are happy they will be more productive, which will make your operations more efficient.

Starrco portable buildings are suitable for all types of equipment and handling materials with custom windows and doors to handle consistent use. If you have any questions regarding our modular office systems, give us a call today!