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Portable Offices provide scalable solutions for company growth.

According to a report issued by the Manufacturing Purchasing Manager Index, (PMI) and an article published on the Reuter’s blog by Shane Ferro, U.S. manufacturing grew slightly last month.

Some companies did choose to take on new workers, for the seventh straight month, according to the report.  With this increase in staff, some manufacturers may need to update and expand their existing office, break room, and meeting space.  By installing a portable office, the company has the flexibility that comes with portability.  Portable office buildings for sale, like those manufactured by Starrco, also offers additional benefits over traditional construction that can be read about further here. One of the best benefits portable offices and portable break rooms offer, is that they can be installed in much less time than a comparable structure using traditional construction.

As U.S. manufacturing continues to grow this year, manufacturers may want to think about the factory floor space that can be saved with a portable office building installation.  Because a portable enclosure can be built up to two stories, two or more company needs can be met with one structure.  A popular two-story portable office often includes a break room and office or conference space.  The possibilities are nearly endless with the customizable and high-quality Starrco portable offices for sale.

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