Will a modular office benefit my company more than a conventional build? In general, they are faster and can cost half as much as a traditional construction project. They serve as a great solution for companies that need an office, break room or cleanroom in their manufacturing plant and are hampered by a fixed construction budget.


Time is of the essence during the course of a construction project.  The longer the process, the more the end cost will be. At Starrco, our portable offices are made from materials that are pre-cut, mitered and completely finished.  There is also no need for taping, sanding or painting.  What does this mean for you?  For starters, pre-engineered modular office materials are easier and faster to install, saving you time and money.


All of our modular offices are constructed in a state of the art facility­—perfectly constructed to fulfill all your design-build needs. Once the office is about 70% finished, we will deliver (yes, deliver!) your building to site. Once delivery is complete, we will finish putting the final touches on your structure. Where else can you have a building built and delivered? Nowhere!


Starrco, a leading supplier of modular offices, clean rooms, safety guard rails, portable offices and inplant offices is committed to providing custom-designed solutions that are pre-engineered and manufactured to precisely fit your need! Call us today! 800.325.4259