ww-cannonPart of what sets Starrco apart from competitors is the great partner relationship that Starrco’s Sales team has with their distributors.  Distributors like W.W. Cannon have talented salespeople who work closely with clients and develop strong relationships.  W.W. Cannon, a Starrco distributor in Dallas. TX., recently completed several large two-story building projects in North Texas.  The customer was overwhelmingly satisfied and because of their experiences, chose to utilize W.W. Cannon and Starrco for a large project in Oklahoma.  The new Starrco structure is a 30 by 98 foot two-story modular building, which includes a storage area on the top level.

W.W. Cannon’s client, an airplane retrofitter, needed an airplane building inside their aircraft hangar to suit their specified needs.  Because square footage is so costly for W.W. Cannon’s client, they needed to construct a modular building that would maximize the potential and productivity of the space available inside.

Starrco and W.W. Cannon to the rescue! The client choose W.W. Cannon because of their ability to complete projects in 45% less construction time than that of any competitors.  W.W. Cannon’s President, Greg Brown ensures that every project is completed in the least amount of time possible, with the specialized precision of his installation team.  Additionally, the client required that the structure needed to be two levels engineered to be completed without the use of a separate structural mezzanine.  The impressive W.W. Cannon team was also able to supply specialized cranes and equipment to be utilized in conjunction with the Starrco project.  The client, once again, is completely satisfied with their experience with W.W. Cannon and their Starrco Modular Building.

About Starrco

Starrco has been providing modular office solutions since 1965. Our success and growth is built upon our steadfast commitment to quality, innovation and our unparalleled customer service.

In addition to pre-engineered modular office systems, Starrco manufactures Modular Clean Room Systems, Floor to Ceiling Modular Office Wall Partitions, Starrguard Safety Guard Rail and Pre-Assembled Portable Offices & Buildings. With our network of factory-trained distributors, supported by our Starrco St. Louis, Missouri staff, we complete projects on time and on budget.

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