Whirlpool Case Study

The Beauty of Modular Construction


Waterloo Container Company needed additional office space. Moving to new premises was not an option, and the company did not want to add on to the building.


Build a two-story modular Starrco building inside the company’s existing plant footprint. The Starrco structure met the company’s need for quality, speed and value.


A comfortable and attractive work environment for more than 30 staff including executives.

modular inplant office

Waterloo Container Company

Based in the Finger Lakes of New York, this family-owned business has been a provider of glass bottles, corks, capsules, and packaging for the wine and beer industry since 1980.
“We get a lot of compliments,” said Rich Swinehart, chief executive officer at Waterloo Container Company. “Whenever anyone comes in, they comment on how wonderful the offices are, and ask where did we find the company.”

The Waterloo Container Company looks like so many other manufacturing warehouses on the outside, but inside, you’ll find something unexpected. A gleaming white, two-story, in-plant office that allows office work and operations to coexist in convenient proximity.

The Building Program

“We needed a conference room and office space,” said Rich. “And we wanted it to be a very clean and comfortable working environment.”

To get everything into the available space, Starrco designed a two-story, 4,500 square feet office building. Three executive offices, office cubicles, and restrooms make up the ground floor. The floor above houses a large training room and a state-of-the-art video conference suite.

Creative Solutions

Interior windows and upgraded doors give the offices the light and airy feel Waterloo wanted. A central vacuum system built into the walls and a dual HVAC plant, which is hidden behind the building, are just a few of the custom upgrades.
For the wall color, the company decided to keep it simple and go with basic white – the durable finish has retained its good looks two years after install.

waterloo office

Modular Construction was the Perfect Choice

There were many reasons the company decided to opt for modular over conventional construction. Not least, Waterloo was put off by the upheaval and high cost of stick building.
The Starrco modular solution met the need for quality, speed, and value for money with very little disruption.
Waterloo considered different suppliers, but they decided to go with Starrco.

“Quite honestly, Starrco seemed to be the best quality,” said Rich. “They had the best people and responded quickly to our questions.”

In addition to a price tag that was considerably lower than conventional bids, modular came with a tax benefit. It qualifies as tangible property, which means it can be depreciated in a fraction of the time it takes to depreciate a traditionally built structure that qualifies as real property under the tax code.

construction balance sheet