Parts and materials take up so much room in modern manufacturing facilities that people and processes get squeezed into cramped quarters.

When you install a Starrco building with a load-bearing roof, you make the most of vertical space and effectively double the functionality of every square foot of floor space. The enclosed ground floor can be a cleanroom or offices. Above, the rooftop storage space acts as a mezzanine floor and is perfect for storage or a future second level.

Features of a Starrco mezzanine level:

Rooftop Storage with Starrco Load capacity
Our load-bearing rooftop storage structures can be built to accommodate storage loads of up to 125 pounds per square foot using our standard 3500 studs. By comparison, the load capacity for the roof of a single-story Starrco building can be designed to support 80 pounds per square foot for a future second level.

A Starrco load-bearing roof provides the flexibility you need to accommodate future change. The Starrco rooftop storage space accommodates mezzanine loads and can be easily enclosed for use as office space.

Starrco builds custom steel stairs and landings. All stairs meet International Building Code requirements.

Our OSHA and local-code compliant handrails are made from tubular steel.

Swing gates can be incorporated into the handrail so you can easily move products to and from the roof.

Tongue-and-groove plywood is standard, but other flooring options, such as resin deck, are available.


How to Use Starrco to Adapt a Standard Mezzanine

MezzanineIf you already have a traditional facility mezzanine and want to improve its functionality, Starrco can enclose the area under the platform or build an office to sit on the mezzanine.