Over the past few years, companies have been putting a large emphasis on environmental issues and finding business strategies that coincide with the ‘green’ movement.  The use of modular office buildings are one of the ways companies have contributed to this effort.

At Starrco, we use recycled material to provide you durable modular office solutions that you can trust.  By building with recycled aluminum and taking advantage of your current office space – rather than cutting down trees for expansion — we significantly reduce our carbon footprint.

The use of portable buildings – such as the ones Starrco provides – has not only benefited the environment, it has also provided companies the opportunity to make their office buildings more efficient and affordable.  Unlike conventional construction, which has a 39-year depreciation life, all of Starrco’s products are considered “tangible property,” giving you the advantage of a shorter, more favorable seven-year depreciable life and a lower overall tax fee.

Modular offices are a great way to grow your office space and can be used both now and in the future. They provide you the flexibility to relocate your modular materials when needed.

If ‘going green’ is in your plans, consider Starrco for all of your modular construction needs.  Our products are a great investment and can be reused and expanded as your company’s needs change.   Contact us today to learn more about Starrco’s modular office solutions!