A very important staff meeting or phone conversation could be ruined if the sound specifications in modular office designs are severely misconstrued.

Starrco’s pre-engineered modular offices are effective in blocking out those unwanted noises within a working environment. How, you ask? We strictly follow OSHA standards, which promote safety, efficiency and quality. One way to avoid issues with unwanted noise is to have doors and windows face away from the source of noise.

Noise is known for attacking the weakest point of an office. The noise-reducing capabilities of the various components making up a modular office should be approximately equal. In other words, upgrading the walls to sound control panels will not be acoustically effective unless the ceiling, windows and doors are all upgraded as well.

At Starrco, we offer wall panels in three different construction types. The chart below shows the specifications:

It is important to make note that STC ratings (shown above) are a result of lab testing. Thus, the actual sound experienced will be less than what is displayed. The amount of sound reduction achieved is dependent upon the type and frequency level of the noise source in addition to the quality of installation of the modular office.

Noise may be a primary concern for you and your office staff, but we have the team and the expertise at Starrco to ensure minimal noise level. If you need additional information in regards to sound specifications, let us know! We would be happy to answer any of your questions.