Spotlight: Meet Greg

Even over the phone, Greg’s passion for what he does comes through.

Greg Lerdahl is the Starrco Regional Manager for the Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky territory and has spent well over thirty years in the modular in-plant enclosure industry. He started selling demountable office walls in 1976, and a few years later his employer took on a line of modular in-plant industrial enclosures.

It’s not unusual for him to be involved in a project from beginning to end. Many days he’s onthe phone answering project-related questions. Other days he’s looking for dealer salespeople who he thinks would enjoy and have the wherewithal to successfully sell modular enclosures for Starrco. He also spends time training new dealers. During a recent week, he drove 900 miles in three days to train and make customer calls with dealer salespeople.

Greg likes to be able to offer his dealers and their customers creative solutions from Starrco for their space needs — that is, once he has demonstrated to them that so-called “permanent” construction is not the best long-term answer. As he explains it, “Permanent enclosures are hardly ever permanent”. Also, with sustainability becoming so highly emphasized, Greg believes it’s important for clients to remember that Starrco components are themselves made from recycled materials, and the finished product can be re-used several times over.

Each day, Greg tries to add value withhis experience. Of course, he says, he hasn’t learned everything there is to know in his chosen field, but it’s clear he has learned a lot.

He explains the structural and aesthetic benefits of Starrco’s doorframes versus the competition as if he’s telling you about how the Green Bay Packers won yesterday. The excitement in his voice is evident. There’s no shortage of excitement about Starrco’s modular enclosures on his Twitter account, either. Knowledge isn’t the only thing he brings to a project. He also wants to bring integrity and a positive attitude to all projects.

He loves working for Starrco because of the freedom that President Bryan Carey gives him. He likes that Bryan trusts him to do his job. Greg also likes working with his fellow Regional Managers and notes that they all keep a healthy sense of humor.

He appreciates the Starrco team in St. Louis and their devotion to doing right by the customer. He said, “Not infrequently, I will say to a dealer and or customer, ‘Our people in St. Louis make me look better than I deserve to look.’”

During his free time, Greg enjoys walking and biking with his wife, traveling, golf, and reading. He picked up the game in 1967 and has grown to love it more as he’s gotten older because, as he puts it, “I’m finally becoming mature enough to handle the unexpected bad bounces in that beautiful game.” Born and raised in Madison, WI, Greg also enjoys rooting for Wisconsin Badger football and basketball, as well as for “The Pack.”