Starrco, A leading distributor of modular clean rooms and cleanroom wall systems, cites recent Fermilab Electromagnet as a product of manufacturing process that took place in a class-100 clean room.

Starrco, a St. Louis-based manufacturer and distributor of pre-engineered modular office systems, portable buildings and modular clean rooms, would like to highlight availability of their class-100 condition clean rooms.  Recently, Fermilab, a U.S. Department of Energy research facility has manufactured a 50-foot-wide circular electromagnet.  The conditions under which the magnet was manufactured, took place in a class-100 clean room, much like the products available from Starrco.

The Fermilab magnet recently took a 3,200 mile journey between two U.S. Department of Energy national labs; Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Illinois.  The journey concluded on July 26th when the magnet safely arrived at its home.  Clean rooms, like those available from Starrco, ensure that research professionals around the globe can safely and effectively work towards advances in their industry.

Modular clean rooms and cleanroom wall systems from Starrco are industry-leading in cost effectiveness and environment construction.  The interfacing clean room walls, floors and ceilings available from Starrco will provide a contaminant-free environment.   The clean room components also allow for control of air flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and filtration.  Installation is completed quickly with minimal mess, as the materials are pre-cut, mitered and finished.

About Starrco:

Starrco has been providing modular office solutions since 1965.  Starrco’s success and growth is built upona steadfast commitment to quality, innovation and unparalleled customer service.  Starrco offers a wide variety of modular office systems – from single user offices to two story multiple office complexes.  Modular office systems are manufactured to precisely fit the client’s application and install in a fraction of the time of conventional construction. Modular Office materials come completely finished and require no sanding or painting. Starrco offers a wide variety of materials, finishes and colors that allow our customers the freedom to design systems that meet their specific needs and their personal style.

In addition to pre-engineered modular office systems, Starrco manufactures Modular Clean Room Systems, Floor to Ceiling Modular Office Wall Partitions, Starrguard Safety Guard Rail and Pre-Assembled Portable Offices & Buildings. With a network of factory-trained distributors, supported by our Starrco St. Louis, Missouri staff, Starrco complete projects on time and on budget.

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