The modular construction industry is constantly changing for the better. Part of our industry’s goal (and our goal at Starrco) is to continue to set high standards to meet expectations in efficiency, quality and execution. While the majority of our time is spent working closely with our clients to meet their individual needs, we spend the remainder of our time setting industry trends.

Whether this is your first visit to Starrco’s website or your 20th, you may have noticed the vast amount of information we provide. It’s important to us that our clients can easily access any information needed to help move their next modular office project forward. Maybe it’s the type of commercial material we use in building partition walls or the difference between a modular office and portable building that you need to know. Regardless, the information is available at any time.

Additionally, Starrco has a monthly blog so you have the opportunity to stay in the know with our new technology and modular office news. In case you missed out on February’s news, you can read about the tax advantages of using Starrco to build your next modular office project and also learn more about our non-combustible wall panels! March’s newsletter will be released in just a few short days. Would you rather have these newsletters e-mailed to you each month so you don’t have to remind yourself to come to our website? Click here to sign up for our e-mail list.