Not only are modular projects a faster means of design than conventional construction, they are also more environmentally friendly. Our team at Starrco is proud to be a leader in providing a green alternative to conventional construction.


  • No use of concrete, stud or drywall.
  • No trees are sacrificed to put up modular projects since space is already created within existing structures.
  • The gypsum board (shipped to us on recycle waste pallets) used features 95 percent post-consumer materials, with the paper facing being 100 percent recycled material.
  • Aluminum framework consists of 70 percent reclaimed or scrap material and is completely recyclable. Less than two percent of the total volume is lost in the re-melting process.
  • In shipping our product from the Midwest to either coast, emissions are dramatically less compared to shipping lumber, steel and other materials required for conventional construction.

We care about the environment just as much as the products and services we provide. Whether it’s a modular office, modular cleanroom or other project, we always take the environment into consideration.

If going green is your mentality – in your office or even at your home – consider Starrco for all of your modular construction needs. Contact us today to get started!