One of Starrco’s partners, Matrix Material Handling Company’s Tulsa, Oklahoma Office, recently completed a large order for their customer, SWEP North America.  SWEP, a leading manufacturer of brazed plate heat exchangers recently celebrated the grand opening of their North American headquarters in Tulsa, Oklahoma on May 16th.  SWEP was in need of several pristine modular office enclosures for their new manufacturing facility.

Matrix Material Handling Inc., prides themselves on delivering products and services in an economical, timely and efficient manner.  They have been providing customers with quality products, including Starrco since 1998. Additionally, Matrix Material Handling Inc’s sales and engineering department collaborate to provide CAD drawings of the proposed solution to the customer – allowing customers to “see before they buy.”

The Starrco and Matrix Material Handling Inc. project which was purchased just a few weeks ago involved constructing two sizeable industrial modular buildings.  While working with Matrix Material Handling, the client stated that Starrco’s competitor was offering a less expensive quote.  However, what the competitor was not offering SWEP North America was the high quality of Starrco products, a more favorable delivery time and 40% less time to install.

SWEP was scrambling to find a movable office partition, because the modular building system needed to be functional in three weeks time. Starrco was able to provide a solution by shipping the modular office partitions within two weeks and the client was thrilled with that.  The Starrco difference is customer solutions with quality products and outstanding customer service from partners like Matrix Material Handling.