Cardinal-Integrated_LogoBack in 2004, the popular shoe retailer, needed to maximize their space to use within their distribution center.  Because the majority of their space needed to be used as a distribution center, they needed a creative modular office solution to provide employees with office areas.  The Starrco structure, which included an employee lunchroom as well as offices provided an excellent space solution for  The Starrco dealer that completed this project was Cardinal Integrated Systems.

The Starrco structure, which is now nine years old, is still functioning and looking great.  Another company now owns the building, but the new owner still uses the same original Starrco building that was installed in 2004.  What sets Starrco apart from the competition is the high quality materials that are used in the modular office solutions.

Cardinal Integrated Systems is consistently within the top five ranked Starrco dealers.  The Cardinal Integrated Systems Family has two specialized team, Cardinal Carryor, which specializes in forklift sales and services and Cardinal Integrated Systems, which specializes in warehouse planning, systems design, installation and project management, preventative maintenance and repair as well as engineering.  The partnership of Starrco with Cardinal Integrated Systems means that customer receive the highest quality customer service as well as satisfaction.