Starrco offers a variety of Modular Office Systems – from single user offices to a two-story multiple office complex.  Our Modular Office Solutions are manufactured to precisely fit each unqie application and install in a fraction of the time of conventional construction.  We offer a wide variety of materials, finishes and colors that allow our customers the freedom to design modular office systems that meet the personal style of their business or organization.  Starrco’s Modular Office Systems offer several major advantages for business and organizations.

Less Downtime – All modular office components are precut and pre-mitered to your precise standards, labeled and delivered to make onsite installation quick and convenience.  Starrco delivers a durable, affordable and attractive modular office system for construction of every size and type.  Modular office systems are typically completed in about 25% of the time of conventional construction.

Flexibility – Starrco modular office stud systems decision depends upon the use of space, both now and in the future.  All studs in starrco modular office accommodate quick and easy vertical installations of electrical, data transmission and communication lines in raceways accessible from a cover plate.  Made of structural grade extruded aluminum, the SS3500 stud acts as a structural column on spas with long clear spans on two story structures or for load bearing roofs.  The stud modular office system will accommodate steel tube inserts for additional load bearing capabilities.  The innovatively designed SS3000 is a two-piece stud that allows removal and replacement of a wall panel without disturbing adjacent panels.  The design also allows the system to be easily revised and reconfigured as your needs change.

Tax advantages – Because in plant modular office systems can be completely dismantled, relocated and reassembled, modular office systems can be depreciated over seven years as opposed to 39 years required with permanent construction.  This difference results in an immediate reduction in taxes and saves you money. To find out more about tax advantages click here.